Sal. Oppenheim - The history of the company


Dear clients, staff and friends of the bank,

We have been giving copies of this concise work about the history of the Bank to clients and employees of Sal. Oppenheim since our 200th anniversary in 1989. It has enjoyed eight print runs, and become known as the “blue book” thanks to the colour of its spine. In the age of the Internet, it has been joined by an electronic version, which has recently been brought in line with the latest technical standards.

A glance at either the analogue or digital version of the book will reveal not only the ups and downs of a bank and an entrepreneurial family, but also the social, political and economic environment surrounding it. There were few periods of calm. The Bank has experienced four revolutions, half a dozen wars, six currency changes and eleven political regimes since it was founded in 1789. The fact that the Bank survived these difficult times is largely thanks to its innovative strength, it flexibility and its stable, long-term client relationships.

The following chapters will tell you all about the pioneering achievements and the crises, the successes and setbacks in Sal. Oppenheim's history, as well as stories from outside banking business. These are vital to obtain a rounded picture of the culture of our private bank, which has been committed to art, culture and social issues from day one.

Happy reading!

Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie.